The story of the accident

28.02.2017  Accident in front of  Lycée Français Charles De Gaulle de Londres 6.10 pm in South Kensington, London. Left non –dominant side greater tuberosity fracture dislocation at the shoulder joint. ttreated at Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London that evening.

The shock to the left hand’s palm and two frozen fingers continue today. The pain in the left humerus and after the injuries is predicted by the doctors to last between 3 months and 18 months. We do not know when it will stop, but I treat it with pain killers. Dr. P. Kumar FRSC, orthopaedic Register, wrote on 17.03.2017, that X-ray shows excellent alignment of the fracture is well in progress. My next appointment is  9 June 2017. I have been in the physiotherapy treatment from 24.03.2017 in St. Albans and Hemel hospitals.The accident with the injuries, shock are more damaging to my well being than I expected.

Circa 18.03.2017, Mr Pape Diouf, one of the parents of the four boys involved in the accident, all aged around 14 years, sent me a beautiful basket with various flowers and a card where the students wished me a good recovery. Many thanks.  Pictures of my injuries in South Kensington are horrifying, but the picture from Alba –la Romaine in the Ardeche showing me and my art works, two gobelins and bust of the Sphynx, are  happy and good . It was the year 2007, one of my most beautiful years in France. The frozen left palm with two fingers after the shock has a bad effect on my weaving of gobelins. But it will get better with time.

Libuse Mikova-Mika


121 WEstfields,

St. Albans AL3 4JR



Ivor Catt <>

May 8 (6 days ago)

to Olivier, Charlotte, Dieter, Annie, Libuse, bcc: Harold

Dear society and four parents of four boys, Let me to send you the text, the photos and medical statements of the accident. 

Dear Mr.Olivier Rauch, be so kind and send these documentation to Mr.Pape Diouf and the parents, as I have no contact to them. It is on their decision ,if they will show it to the students.


Liba Mika




Fwd: 28.02.2017, 6.10pm accident , the part of my art history in London


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From: Annie BERREZAIE <>
Date: Fri, May 12, 2017 at 5:26 PM
Subject: 28.02.2017, 6.10pm accident , the part of my art history in London
To: Ivor Catt <>


Dear Ms Liba Mikova,


We are sorry to hear that you are still suffering from the accident and we hope that you will regain full control of your fingers so that you can continue with your art work.


The head teacher does not wish to communicate with the families of the children involved in the accident any further.


Nevertheless, we thank you for keeping us informed and we send you our best wishes for a steady recovery.


Kind regards,



Annie Berrezaie

PA to Headmaster

Lycée français Charles de Gaulle





Here is the justice and  morality of the  head teacher in the accident from 28.02.2017 in Harrington street by the Lycee Francias Charles de Gaulle.

Four students aged 14 tripped my legs during my walk and painfully injured me. I lay for 40 minutes on the pavement for the ambulance which one student called to take me to Chelsea and  Westminster London Hospital. This bourgeois society did not take the responsibility for their duties and for the education. The students should have been told about the developments, but the flowers and the card were beautiful and carresant.




Painter (MA)

Monumental art of making the tapestries