My name is Libuse Mikova-Mika. I was born on the 24th December 1948 in Valdice which is near Jicinin the East of Bohemia in Czechoslovakia. Now it is the Czech Republic. I have lived in Prague, where I studied in the University of Applied Arts during the years 1968-1974. This university of art was set up in the nineteenth century in competition with the Austrian University of Applied Arts in Vienna. It is only university of its kind in the Czech Republic.During my studies the university was at a good European artistic level.


For five years I have lived in St. Albans, England.


My work indicates Philosophical Scepticism and great admiration of Nature and the activity of human beings.


I continue the tradition of classical art in Europe.

I work in cotton, linen, wool, chalk, oil, pastel, pen, ink, watercolour, guache symbolising classical art.


My main interest is in making gobelin tapestries.

There are three periods in my work; Peru, India, Europe.