Ivor Catt

Ivor Catt in late 2008.

30 Years with Electronics World

For thirty years Mr. Ivor Catt , M.A., has written for "Electronics World". He has had periods when he was silent. He published highly original theories on electromagnetism, and the reaction of the readers was generally sympathetic.

Mr. Ivor Catt (*) was born in Plymouth and spent the first years of his life in South Africa with his family, as his mother was lecturing in Cape town University and his father was in a Japanese prison.
An important epoch of his life was in the USA, where he worked and lived for six years with his first family. Back from USA, he has set up his home in St.Albans for 40 years.

The 72 year-old former teacher of maths and of electronic engineering by training claims to have discredited conventional electromagnetic theory with his Catt Question, discovered in 1982. Since 1982 “The Catt Question” has been: When a battery is connected to a lamp via two wires, where does the new charge come from on the lower conductor to terminate the electric field between the two conductors, It was published in Electronic World (then Wireless World) in August 1981 and August 1982.

Ivor Catt was recovering in Watford hospital from a serious illness of the gullet (feed tube) for eight months (2007-2008) and still is battling with this illness but is continuing his scientific research in the field of electromagnetism (www.ivorcatt.com)

He has published several books on his ideas, and in recent years has lived with academic painter Libuse Mikova-Mika in St.Albans. ( www.lmika.com )

On the 19th of December he will celebrate his 73rd birthday. We wish him many happy returns,
and look forward to a further brilliant article in Electronic world.

Libuse Mikova-Mika
tel:01727 864 257