Artherapy with Ivor Catt

Watford General Hospital is one of the many General Hospitals in Hertfordshire. The hospital is located 15.km from the St.Albans the old roman town and nearby London.
One day the 7 th of October 2 007 in the morning at 2 am that I founded my partner Ivor Catt, the important British scientist in the field of the electromagnetism lying on the chest on the floor in his laboratory. After his transport to Watford general hospital I got the telephone in the morning that Ivor is after the operation of the stomach and now started his one fight with the death and the life, which lasted five months… He was in critical state for three months in intensive care with the of the oesophagus, the trachea and septic problems and collapsing of the organs. He was several times closed to the death..

My first approach was as loving person to dying partner and on the other hand as the artherapist who was committed to heal the sick Ivor through beauty of the artistic touch of the painting ..For five months we have been trying together to write his name with the coloured pencils his name, telephone number on the small canava. One of the methods was the tearing the white paper alongside symmetric lines, which I drew before with the colored pencil. It was hard artistic healing of ill Ivor as he was three days unconscious and many times in critical stage of the health conditions. My effort was to harmonize his brain and physical body with real world and his and my creativity in the same moment, to try make his sole happy..

During the communist epoch in Czechoslovakia many innocent men and women had been taken as political prisoners in the insane hospitals in different pavallions and treated the ill persons. Some of them survived because of artherapy of painting, drawing, sculpturing, because of the artistic creation in the critical period of theirs lives
The mathematician Trachtenberg survived several concentration camps and he invented the method
quick counting with the mouth, the work with the information helped him to survived.

Every day during five months Ivor was in touch with the spirit of life and real world
through creation, except of the health conditions of high temperature or extreme health status..
The most important memento of the artherapeutic healing is the love.
Ivor was traveling in his hallucinations to New Zealand, San Francisco, driving car and walking in the intensive care, even if he was really lying three months in the bed with many technique supportes.

He wanted to pick up the screw from the chair, but no screw was on the chair. He got his Sunday Times to read many days to help his mind. His problem with breathing was calmed down with music in his headphones and caresses of his hands and on his arms..

The world of the artherapy and the world of the disease is possible compose to the harmony of the ill body and the ill soul with the philosophy of the nature of the man.

Libuse Mikova-Mika academic painter, 8.08.2008
Article is written for the Newsletter of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain
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