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My name is Libuse Mikova. I was born 24.12.1948 in Valdice which is near Jicin in the East of Bohemia in Czechoslovakia. Now it is Czech Republic. I have lived in Prague, where I studied at University of Applied Arts during in the years 1968 –1974. This university of art was set up in the nineteenth century as the concurrence to the Austrian University of Applied Arts in Vienna, and it is the best in the Czech Republic. During my studies the university was at a good European artistic level.

In the year 1974 I gained the State permission for restoring the tapestries, carpets, flags, cloths, shoes and any another kind of textile. I studied in the the textile studio and the artistic school of professor Antonin Kybal, who was one of the most important artist after Frantisek Kysela, Jeann Lurcat.., who created tapestries and textile in Europe. In the year 1973 I gained the degree in Art history and teaching
Visual art. The degree of painting, drawing and sculpture I obtained in the year 1973.
1974 I obtained the degree from tapestry, gobelin and the textile.
23.03.1990 I gained the Attestation of French from: Ambassade de France en Tchecoslovaqui, service cultural N. 491, JC Prague.

Weaving, pub, Mona, Prague, 1980
Books: The Art Therapy in England, in the 1994
Tom Catt Dali on the road, out of the publishing ( the for children) 2001
Articles: 1968, in Czech magazins Mlada Fronta, 1969-2002, Regenarace, Czech magazine touching the alternative medicine. I wrote the articles about the problems of blind people, disabled people…and the articles (5 articles) projects of art therapy in the ideas of the painting, drawing, sculpture,( …it is possible to treat the people with artistic rehabilitation..), weaving, macrame, embroidery...visual arts.2000-2004, I wrote the articles about the restoring the textile for the Jewish museum in Prague,
Kutna Hora, Stribro, Kralupy, Velvary
2003-2004, internet magazine for
2002- the article about the discrimination of disabled people in the town” Marianske Lazne,” the spa house called Labe, north of Bohemia, published
in the Presents, the editor: Libuse Kubska, in Pague..
2003-the journal for Prague 2..Listy pro Prahu 2: Two articles: Rodinny lekar (Family doctor)
The article about Professor, MUDr in the Journal for Prague 2. Jan Pfeiffer a jeho narozeniny,( Professor MUDr. Jan Pfeiffer and his birthday..) The late Professor Pfeiffer was Doctor of Rehabilitation based on clinic in Prague.

Qualifications: Academic painter (Master of Arts), University degree from textile and restoring of all textile. Degree in painting, drawing, sculpture and art history. Also the teaching degree to teach the visual art.

I wrote six articles on ethnography of the Indian village in San Francisco, Pucalpa, The South of Amazonia. Five articles of the etnography of the country around the Raipur, Abvhanpur and Jeevoday, leprosy centre, in the state Madhya Pradesh and about Varanasi. Three articles touching Provence and artist who are the members in the organisation A.D.A.I.
2003-I obtained the Price in the competition for disabled people on behalf of the Ministery of Chech culture. The book is called: “The artherapy in England”
Exhibitions: 1976 Own exhibition of the Gobelins with the sketches from Ardeche in France in Prague gallery of the Union of Czech artist Manes
The exhibition with the group of artist from Prague, in the Czech Republic, Budapest, Helsinky and Montreal, France-Ardeche
French organization A.D.A.I..!991-2007, Mirabel, Ardeche-director Barbara Touzot,
Internatinal exhibition in Aubenas, in the Ardeche and elsewhere in the Ardeche.
2004 the gobelin “Le chant de Michel de Ghelderode” (Lady and Sea) created in the competition for the international exhibition Fondation de Ghelderode in Brussel in Belgium..
2005-St.Albans Cathedral, Refectory, England
28 Oct. to 23 Nov. 2005, Mika Exhibition of paintings
2006- Mika Exhibition of paintings and tapestries, St. Albans Central Library, England

Employment Experience.
1974-2006 I worked as a full time painter, freelance artist. This meant creation and selling gobelins, pictures, drawings and the jewels made from textile, metal and silver..
I taught visual arts in primary schools and in secondary schools and in my studio” Mika” in Prague (1986-2002)
1887-1991-linguistic service as translator for MON in Prague
1995-1998 I prepared the projects of art teaching in India and Peru..
In- Ely 1993-4 in England, I prepared the project of art therapy, it was Sue Ryder home..
1996-1997, I taught visual arts and art history at secondary school..
1999- USA- health service which included the project of teaching of drawings and the sculpture in an American hospice HAS, North Carolina.
199o-1991, France restoring works of of historical monuments, Pontpoint and the drawings of archeological objects for the French archive in St. Abbey de Moncel in Pontpoint
1989-in co operation with artist Peter Sis in New York, illustration of the book for the children
1998- 2004, I lectured on ethnography of Peru and India in schools and museums in the Czech Republic
2001-2002, France, studying trip, drawings and watercolour..
2002, State opera in Prague the painting of the scenery for the Mozart opera Don Giovanni; and the painting of the scenery for the musical Rusalka by Antonin Dvorak..
2002- 2004, restoring of the textile

Interests. I am deeply interested in nature and the ethnography..

Skills: Knowledge of IT, I speak Czech, English, French, Russian.
I do all kinds of artistic textile, it is mean bobbin lace, embroidery, macrame, print on textile..
All restoring works in textile. I teach the visual art and textile, tapestry, art-therapy..(Rudolf Steiner school..)
All kinds of visual arts: drawing, painting, sculpturing, print..
I am able to work in the office in the institution of culture. I am able to work in the cultural institution with young people..

Personal: Divorced. Two independent adult sons working in IT, but also studying at university. I am Czech. The Czech Republic is member of EU.( European Union)
My partner is Ivor Catt:

Libuse Mikova-Mika
121 Westfields
O1727 864257